Characters (2019)

Doctor Heart Music – Heart 1013
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Friend 'n Fellow: Characters 2019

Song Collection 1995-2003 (Box-Set 6 CDs) (2017)

Doctor Heart Music – Heart 1010
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Friend 'n Fellow: Song Collection 1995-2003

Silver Live (2016)

Doctor Heart Music
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Friend 'n Fellow: Silver Live

About April (2015)

Doctor Heart Music – Heart 1003
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Turn the Light On Turn the Light On

April April
Friend 'n Fellow: About April

Discovered (2010)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1165

Clocks Clocks

Walk On The Wild Side Walk On The Wild Side
Friend 'n Fellow: Discovered

Lady (2009)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1148

Time Time

Falling Rain Falling Rain
Friend 'n Fellow: Lady

Crystal (2006)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1118

My Favorite Girl My Favorite Girl

Elf Elf
Friend 'n Fellow: Crystal

Light my Fire
Axel Schulz – my best of FRIEND 'N FELLOW

Ruf Records – Ruf 1123

Friend 'n Fellow: Light my fire

Covered (2005)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1089

Light my Fire Light my Fire

I Still haven't Found What I'm Looking For I Still haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Friend 'n Fellow: Covered

Ruf Records

(remixed by JANNIQUE)

Taxi Taxi

Blue in you Blue in you
Friend 'n Fellow: remixed by Jannique

Live (2003)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1062

Home Home

The hat's big enough The hat's big enough
Friend 'n Fellow: Live

Taxi (2001)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1072

Blue in you Blue in you

Naked in a jacket Naked in a jacket
Friend 'n Fellow: Taxi

Purple Rose (1998)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1029

Fly like an eagle fly like an eagle

Snow is gleamin´red snow is gleamin´red
Friend 'n Fellow: Purple Rose

Home (1997)

Ruf Records – Ruf 1011

Home Home

You You
Friend 'n Fellow: Home

Fairy Godmother (1995)


Now you are here now you are here

The wind cries mary the wind cries mary
Fairy Godmother