CHARACTERS - New album and tour!

Few days ago our newest album "CHARACTERS" was released on DOCTOR HEART MUSIC.
A VINYL edition will follow a bit later.
Many of the new songs show our affinity to Acoustic Blues. We collected 12 special stories, which are connected by their characters.
A few weeks ago we started our tour and would like to thank you for the wonderful encounters and overwhelming reactions.
We are looking forward coming to your area soon .
Our very best greetings - Constanze and Thomas / FNF



We wish you a merry Christmas and a peaceful and joyful New year. We would like to thank you for your support and hope to meet you again soon in one of our concerts - Constanze & Thomas / FNF


Silver live - 25 Jahre on stage

There is an anniversary to celebrate in 2016. Friend 'n Fellow is looking back on 25 musical years together.
Since 1991, when it all began with a concert in Leipzig, a lot has happened:
Tours throughout Europe, Asia and the USA; 10 CDs and over 100,000 recordings sold; evenings with Ray Charles, Al Jarreau and Luther Allison; music for Box-Events and Formel 1 teams...
But what is much more special are the intimate, unique and moving moments during one of their live concerts.
Depth, class and entertainment -- and focussing on the essence of good songs.
And so their new album Silver Live offers a whole hour of pure Friend 'n Fellow -- recorded up close in full intensity during their About April tour in 2015.
Wonderful guitar sound and an extraordinary voice, or as one critic wrote so fittingly: One voice, one guitar -- and the rest is amazement.



- is the name of our brandnew CD...our 10th, which will be released in a few days: JANUARY 30th 2015. It will be also our first release on DOCTOR HEART MUSIC, our new HOME. And we hope that you will enjoy our 12 brandnew songs as much as we enjoyed recording it. We gave a lot of passion and depth. The first about 40 shows in 2015 will be mostly in Germany. But we already start the tour with a Christmas Special concert in the Warsaw Cathedral (Poland) right after Christmas 2014. Welcome! Constanze & Thomas



Our 10th album will be released this year right before Christmas. It will be our first collaboration with the brand new record label DOCTOR HEART MUSIC 10 new songs are already recorded, as well as a handful of concerts. We're gonna combine studio versions with live recordings on a double album.



FNF are planning to return on stage in January 2013. Currently we are working on new songs and looking forward to play our music for you again Constanze & Thomas



Our new CD "Discovered" is available in stores in many European countries now. With this new CD we went back to our roots and selected some wonderful classics to cover - or better - to interpretate. This year we're celebrating our 20th anniversary with a long tour. Most of the concerts will be in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But at least for 2012 we're planning to play some more shows in other countries too. We hope to come close enough to your hometown soon.
THanx for your support and best wishes - Constanze & Thomas


FRIEND 'N FELLOW come with a true LADY

We just finished our work on the new album, which will be available (almost) all over Europe and in parts of Asia in January 2009.
LADY – this is the name of the tour (watch the tourdates on the tourinfo site)and of the album. It is a collection of 12 original songs - energetic, sonorous.... and our version of Nina Simones "My Baby just cares...".
We hope to see you on the tour. And we hope you want to spend some time with this LADY....


2008 with FNF

All friends and fellows a wonderful and happy New Year!!!
Meanwhile the next months we´re going to prepare and record a new CD. Some of the songs are almost finished, but we´re also planning a trip to Tenerife to concentrate on the new songs.
Untill the end of the year you will also have the chance to watch us live. We´ll be on the "CRYSTAL" - tour again with a lot of concerts in different countries.
On our site we are trying to surprise you with new live videos (next will be: Bratislava Jazz Days 2007).
Thanks a lot for your incredible support!
Best wishes -



will be the name of our brandnew studio album. The CD will be out in Europe in october 2006, and we are working on a big tour (2006/2007), to come as close to your hometown as it´s possible (check the tourdates on our site or put your name on our mailing list).
CRYSTAL is true FRIEND ´N FELLOW music with a lot of fresh ideas and surprising moments. Check it out!
Constanze and Thomas


FNF News

Right now we are working on our songs for the new album. We will record it in summer and RUF RECORDS will release it in fall. This will be the first studio album since 5 years!
At the end of May you can also get a limited VINYL edition of the very successful album COVERED - with an additional bonus track "Highway to Hell" (Live performed)
And: From now on you can hear Thomas playing his brandnew steelstring guitar. The name of this beautiful instrument is LARRIVEE LV 10E.
Beste wishes - Constanze + Thomas


Happy New Year 2006!

Thank you very much for your wonderful support, especialy at our first shows in Hungary and Holland. It was a great experience for us and we will come back soon.
We continue the COVERED Tour till April 2006 ,and in September we´ll be on tour again - with a new album.
Meanwhile you can check the tourdates for some shows at several festivals in summer.
Best wishes - Constanze and Thomas



From January till December we will be on tour with our new program "covered" - a selection of special FNF - Adaptions (songs from Jimi Hendrix, Steve Miller, The Doors, Deep Purple, Luther Allison, The Beatles....).
The CD will be available at the stores around europe probably in march.
Even if we never came close enough to your hometown - we are still working on it....
Thank you and best wishes for a peaceful and happy year 2005! Constanze and Thomas



Thank you for your incredible support at the first part of our tour. A peaceful new year for all of us. We hope to see you in 2004!
Constanze & Thomas


We´ve got a new baby!

The new CD ("Live") is out now and the DVD will follow in a few days. We´re planning a long, long tour. Watch out - we will come to your hometown too!! (hope so!)
Constanze & Thomas



Our new tour will start in the beginning of october. It will include most of our favourite venues and some new ones. We hope to see you again when we play close to your home.
Best wishes - Constanze + thomas